What should I wear?
Comfortable clothing ie. jeans/tracksuit bottoms, t-shirt/sweatshirt, trainers/flat soled shoes – no high heels or open-toed shoes etc.
Can I bring my own helmet/racesuit?
Yes, provided it is a BS standard full-face helmet with visor. If you are wearing a motocross helmet you must wear goggles.
How fast are your karts and how many people can play Laser Combat?
Our adult karts can get up to 40mph and our junior karts can get up to 25mph. There can be up to 20 players in each Laser Combat game.
Is there any food available?
We have cold and hot drinks vending machines plus snack machines. With prior booking we can also arrange for cold snack boxes to accompany your booking.
How many drivers do you need?
You can come on your own or with a group of up to 60.
Can I bring my own kart?
No. Own karts are not permitted on the track.
I’m autistic/I have only one arm/one eye etc. Can I drive?
Your safety is of paramount importance to us. For any situation other than the norm we would conduct a risk assessment. We would ask the following questions to help us to do this:
Do all drivers have full use of limbs/bodily functions? Can all drivers understand, comprehend and follow instruction? Can all drivers get themselves in and out of the kart unaided ? Are all drivers able to hold a full UK driving licence once they are old enough? Can the driver be left un attended? If the answer to any of these questions is no then unfortunately karting is not a suitable sport for the driver to partake in.
We would also ask if there is a risk of seizures or fits from any drivers, or if they have any medical condition that would prevent them from driving on the main road? If there is risk of seizure or any medical condition that would prevent them from driving on the main road then again unfortunately karting is not a suitable sport.
The go karts can reach speeds of up to 30mph (junior) or 40mph (adult) and once the kart has left the pits the driver has sole responsibility for the kart so must be able to fully comprehend the instruction given.
If we can be sure that you pose no added danger to yourself, other drivers or members of staff, then we will allow you to drive (there may still be some limitations). However, you are often the best judge of your own capabilities – please be honest and responsible. Please consult a manager.
When should I arrive at the circuit?
You will be given an arrival time when booking. Please ensure you are not late as if you arrive after this time even by 5 minutes this may affect your time on the circuit or in the arena. If you are more than 10/15 minutes late you may lose your slot altogether. If you are late, you will not receive a refund under any circumstance.
I couldn’t make it/was stuck in traffic/had a driver not show up etc., can I have a refund?
No. Once a booking is paid for we do not give refunds (much like booking theatre tickets or an airline flight); we may well have turned customers away.
Can my husband and son drive on the circuit/play in the laser arena together?
Yes. We run mixed groups of adults and children together providing the children and adults are known to each other. We can run sessions of ‘like minded’ groups ie two family groups. We do not mix unknown adults and juniors.
What is the minimum age?
The minimum age to drive the karts is 8 years old – providing they are also 132cm or taller. The minimum age for Laser Combat is 6 years and over.
My child is only 6 but he’s driven at other circuits and is very good etc. Can he race?
No. They are not insured until they are 8 years old.
What if I sign to say I accept the risk?
No exceptions.
Can I pay on the day?
All bookings require a deposit and the remainder of the balance is due 1 week prior to the event.Do I need to book?
It is always best to book to guarantee your session. We do have some sessions available that have not been booked but we cannot guarantee what time so you may have to wait to race/play.
Can you just pencil me in though?
No, unfortunately we only put paid bookings in the diary as, in the past, we have had people not show up and we have turned customers away.
Can we add drivers on the day, if we have a few extras?
It may be possible to add/pay for extra drivers on the day if time allows. Adding extra drivers/players may adjust the running time of the events which without prior notice we may not be able to accommodate.
How far are you from Worcester centre are you?
We are approximatly 10 minutes by car from the centre of town.
Is there car parking?
Yes, there is plenty of free parking for all.
How do I get there via public transport?
You can catch the 550 or 551 bus from the centre of Worcester and ask to be dropped off at Norton Bridge. We are then a 2 minute walk from the bus stop.Am I going to fit in your karts, I’m 20 stone/I’m 6’4?
We’ve had lots of drivers who have been that weight/height but we can’t guarantee you will fit as everyone is a different shape. If you are unsure, we recommend that you come down prior to booking and try our karts for size.Do you sell gift vouchers?
Yes. We sell vouchers in 25 laps, 50 laps, 75 laps or 3 games denominations.

I’m pregnant/have a bad back/have a heart condition can I drive?
No. We would not recommend driving for any of the above.
I’m colour blind can I drive?
Yes, as long as you make the circuit operators aware they can use written boards/hand signals as opposed to coloured flags.
Can I take photos?
Yes, please do and if you get any good ones, please email them to us and we can put them on our website gallery.What is your level of insurance cover?
Our Public Liability Insurance cover is up to £5mDo you provide trophies?
For every race event the top three drivers receive trophies or medals.
We also offer an upgrade package to larger trophies if required.

Do you offer private tuition?
Yes. £60 per hour (including two 15 minute driving sessions).

Do you offer group discounts?
Not in general. However, for very large groups we may offer extra driving time. Please call and ask to speak to a member of staff.

What is your drink drive policy?
We operate a zero alcohol/drugs policy. If any of our members of staff suspect anyone to be under the influence of alcohol/illegal drugs, they will not be allowed to drive. This is for the safety of everyone.

Can you smoke at the circuit?
Smoking is permitted outside the building only.

I came last week, do I have to watch the video briefing again?

Can I wear my glasses/spectacles?
If you need glasses to see properly, probably best you wear them!
Which is the fastest kart?
All the karts are tested regularly and kept to within half a second of each other. Karts are changing all the time as parts are replaced on a daily basis. The numbers are also constantly changed.
* Please note that all our calls are recorded for training and monitoring purposes